Teboza takes a step into the future with the asparagus harvesting machine!

Starting next year, we will be using high quality technology to harvest white asparagus. We have invested in the selective harvesting machine from the company Cerescon, the Sparter. This harvesting machine contains unique patented technology, making it possible to detect asparagus underground, to improve quality and quantity.

“As a user-group member, we have been closely involved in the development of the Sparter for years. We see robotization in asparagus harvesting as an opportunity to keep cultivating asparagus in the Netherlands in a responsible and sustainable way. So that in the future, consumers can keep enjoying fresh, delicious and healthy asparagus.”

We’ll start using the new harvesting machine during the next asparagus season, and it will harvest a part of the Teboza acreage. Aside from the machine’s benefits with regards to personnel, over the next few years we will work on finding out how the machine can be used for precision farming and crop innovation. The purpose of this will be to further optimise the fertilisation, and further reduce the use of pesticides and bale wrap. Teboza will keep making every effort to make asparagus cultivation more sustainable.

Of course you are very welcome to come and see the Sparter in action next season!