- Limgroup, The Netherlands
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  • Earliness

Vitalim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus in areas with a warm/Mediterranean climate. Vitalim combines a very early production with exceptionally high yields and a long viable lifespan. Vitalim is also very suitable for cultivation measures aimed at advancing.


  • • Suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus;
  • • Very early in production;
  • • Very high yield potential;
  • • Stable, long lifespan;
  • • Uniform quality and sorting;
  • • Very stable and strong foliage.

Vitalim thrives best on vigorous soils that are well drained. During multi-annual research for the white cultivation, the best results were achieved with a plant density of 4 plants per linear metre and a plant depth of 16 - 20 cm. On vigorous soils or plots, non-sensitive to drought and fitted with irrigation and/or fertigation, plant densities of 6 plants per linear metre are possible. Due to its natural earliness Vitalim is very well suitable for extra advancing cultivation measures by means of thermal foil or mini-tunnel.

Vitalim has a very high production potential, an excellent quality and a good thickness. The uniform product is resistant against breaking, has a firm tip and is hardly or not at all sensitive to hollow stems or physiologic rust. A good 'post-harvest' treatment not only improves the shelf life, but also reduces the risk of pink discolouration. Over 70% of the products are in the sorting class 16 - 24 mm. The flavour of Vitalim is considered to be exceptionally good.

The very uniform vigorous foliage of Vitalim is firmly raised. By nature, the foliage is strong against leaf diseases and insensitive to composition. These good foliage properties make Vitalim also suitable for organic cultivation.