- Limgroup, The Netherlands
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  • Productivity

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  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Sunlim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of green asparagus in areas with a warm/Mediterranean climate. Sunlim combines an early initial production with very high yields and a fine quality. Sunlim is also very suitable for cultivation measures aimed at advancing.


  • • Early initial production;
  • • Very high yield potential;
  • • Stable and strong foliage;
  • • Very suitable for cultivation measures aimed at advancing.

Sunlim thrives best on well drained, vigorous soils. During multi-annual research for the green cultivation the best results were achieved with a plant density of 25,000 – 32,000 plants per hectare and a plant depth of 15 - 25 cm. In areas that allow artificial irrigation, or have dripper-fertigation, the highest plant densities can be used. Sunlim is a 100% male hybrid, which results in not only a long lifespan, but also ensures seedlings to no longer appear.

Sunlim has an exceptionally high production potential and combines that with an excellent quality. Over 70% of the uniform products are in the diameter class above 12 mm. The Sunlim tip is excellent, even under warm circumstances. Sunlim produces nice and smooth stems with a cylindrical shape.

The uniform foliage of Sunlim is strongly growing and has a good resistance against leaf diseases and composition. As no female berries are formed, the foliage is a little sensitive to composition.