- Südwestdeutsche Saatzucht, Germany
  • Tip

  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Ramires is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus. Ramires is suitable for all soil types.


  • Very early variety;
  • Very high production potential;
  • Excellent flavour;
  • Suitable for all soil types;
  • Suitable for all advancing systems.

Ramires is suitable for all types of soil. The high stem diameter appears especially in lighter plots. For the cultivation of white asparagus a planting distance of 3 - 4 plants per metre is recommended. Finally Ramires is suitable for all advancing systems.

The stems are straight, smooth and have a firm tip. Compared to other early varieties Ramires produces a very high stem diameter. The variety is homogenic with a large number of stems in the class 16 - 26 mm. Ramires has an excellent flavour and will not easily break.

The Ramires foliage has an average height, is stable and steady. The medium green foliage is open and has good tolerance against all kinds of diseases and mould. Even in autumn the foliage will remain green and vital for a long time.