- Limgroup, The Netherlands
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  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Herkolim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the harvest of white asparagus in the moderate climate. The variety is moderately early and a specific “yield crop”. Herkolim has a very high production capacity in combination with uniform thick stems. Therefore, Herkolim perfectly matches with companies that are looking to increase the result by controlling labour costs.


  • The variety for maximum harvest yield;
  • Very high production potential;
  • Very uniform in quality and sorting;
  • Very suitable for high plant densities;
  • The variety for replanting.

Herkolim thrives on all properly drained soils. Herkolim is little sensitive to stress conditions. In combination with its stem thickness and growing strength, it is also quite suitable for replanting. Own research shows that Herkolim performs excellently with plant densities of 5 - 8 plants per linear metre. High plant densities do not often lead to thin stems, yet often provide an even more uniform sorting and better quality. The recommended plant depth is 18 – 22 cm. Herkolim is quite suitable for black/white foil coverage. Proper foil management and a correct harvesting frequency ensure the harvest of a quality product.

Some 60% of the very uniform thickness sorting of Herkolim consists of class 20 – 28 mm. Herkolim provides a high-quality product with white, smooth, straight stems that are hardly sensitive to hollow stem, breaking or pink discolouration. The product is rated as very tasteful.

Herkolim has a broad, robust and open foliage, due to which it quickly dries out in the autumn and, as a consequence, it is less susceptible to mould. These good properties ensure that Herkolim is also very suitable is for organic cultivation.