Guelph Equinox

- University of Guelph, Canada
  • Tip

  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Guelph Equinox is a male hybrid and is suitable for the harvest of green asparagus in the moderate climate.


  • Early/moderately early variety;
  • Very high production potential;
  • Excellent stem quality;
  • Very firm tip;
  • Strong stem and foliage growth;
  • Plant density: 4-5 plants per linear metre.

Good results were achieved with plant numbers of 25,000 plants per hectare and a plant depth of 15 cm.

The stems of the Guelph Equinox have an excellent stem quality with a very firm tip.

Strong stem and foliage growth.

Guelph Equinox