- Limgroup, The Netherlands
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Gijnlim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of both white and green asparagus in the moderate climate. The variety is exceptionally early, combined with an unequalled high production. Gijnlim is quite suitable for extra advancing measures. Due to its excellent quality properties the variety is highly appreciated in commercial channels.


  • The standard variety for the early white cultivation and the green cultivation;
  • Unequalled high production;
  • Very high production potential;
  • Exceptionally highly appreciated for home sales.

Gijnlim is excellently suitable for vigorous sand and clay soils. As the soil becomes more vigorous, the stem thickness will keep its level, even later in the season. Extensive practical experience shows that the best results in the cultivation for white asparagus can be achieved with a plant density of 3 – 3.5 plants per linear metre. The plant density can be increased by approximately 30% if effective green harvesting is applied. Although higher plant density will provide a higher yield, as the years go by this may lead to accelerated decrease of the stem thickness. Gijnlim is thankful for irrigation during drought in the foliage growing stage. Due to its natural earliness, Gijnlim is excellently suitable for extra advancing measures, such as anti-condensation foil, mini-tunnels and thermal foil.

Gijnlim has a very high production potential and an excellent, very reliable quality. The main sorting falls under class 16 - 24 mm. Gijnlim has a very firm tip, is straight, smooth and hardly sensitive to rust and breaking. A proper 'post-harvest' treatment will prevent pink decolouration.

The Gijnlim foliage is abundant and massive, yet hardly sensitive to composition. When proper attention is given to disease control, the foliage will remain green and vital sufficiently long, also during autumn.