- Bayer, The Netherlands
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  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Fortems is a 100% male hybrid and is suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus in both the moderate climate and the warmer climate, like that of Southern Europe.


  • Moderately early variety

Fortems thrives well on all properly drained soils. The variety is excellently suitable for black/white foil coverage or the use of advancing covering foil. In addition, Fortems is suitable for heated greenhouse and mini-tunnel cultivation. The recommended plant density for sandy soil is 5 plants per linear metre and 7 plants per linear metre for loamy soil.

During the very first harvesting year, Fortems produces the highest number of uniform asparagus with a high percentage of stems between 18 - 28 mm. Besides, Fortems increase the crop yield.

Fortems has a broad, robust and open foliage.