- Bejo, The Netherlands
  • Tip

  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Early variety for the cultivation in Northern and Central Europe. High percentage class 1. Very white and 100% male. Very nice, thick, smooth stems with firm tips. Strong against hollow stems and rust. excellent flavour. Cumulus is a high branching, vigorous crop with a fairly open structure.


  • Excellent flavour;
  • Early variety;
  • Very thick and smooth stems of very beautiful quality;
  • Fine cultivation under black/white foil and under (mini)tunnel.

Suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus in Northern and Central Europe. Cumulus is excellent for cultivation under black/white foil and under (mini)tunnels. The recommended plant density is 4 plants per linear metre.

Cumulus produces a very thick and smooth stem of quite beautiful quality. Cumulus has firm tips and is strong against hollow stem and rust. According to consumers, the variety has an excellent flavour.

The foliage of Cumulus is a high branching crop with a considerable size and a fairly open structure.