- Limgroup, The Netherlands
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Backlim is a 100% male hybrid and is exceptionally suitable for the harvesting of white asparagus in the moderate climate. The variety is particularly suitable for harvesting during the second half of the season. In combination with the harvest of early varieties, such as Avalim and Gijnlim, a long and steady harvest season can be realised with Backlim. In the heated cultivations, Backlim has grown into the standard variety. Backlim is reliable in terms of yield and quality in both covered and uncovered cultivation.


  • Very reliable in terms of quality and production;
  • Good flavour characteristics;
  • Excellently suitable for replanting;
  • Late variety;
  • Standard variety form heated cultivations.

Backlim is a variety that can be cultivated in all properly drained soils. Many years of practical experience have proven that Backlim performs excellently with a plant density of 3.5 – 4.5 plants per linear metre. The recommended plant density for the cultivation of green asparagus is 4 - 5 plants per linear metre. The recommended planting depth under normal conditions is 18 - 22 cm, planting any deeper will result in a later start of the harvest. Backlim has proven to also produce well in areas that were used for asparagus before, which makes it the standard variety for replant in North Western Europe.

Backlim produces a beautiful, straight asparagus. The quality of the product only increases as the years go by. Backlim produces asparagus with a firm tip that are hardly sensitive to breaking, hollow stem, pink discolouration and rust. More than 50% of the sorting falls under class 20 - 28 mm. Consumers are particularly fond of the special flavour of this variety.

The foliage of Backlim is compact and immune to composition. Despite the early natural death in the autumn, it ensures sufficient composition of plant’s reserves.