- Limgroup, The Netherlands
  • Tip

  • Productivity

  • Stem thickness

  • Stem quality

  • Uniformity

  • Earliness

Aspalim is a 100% male hybrid and excellently suitable for the cultivation of green asparagus in areas with a moderate climate. Aspalim combines a very early production start with very high yields.


  • Very early production start;
  • Extremely high production potential;
  • Uniform sorting and high stem weight;
  • Tip is excellent, even under warm circumstances during harvesting.

Aspalim thrives best on well drained, vigorous soils. During multi-annual research in the green cultivation, the best results were achieved with a plant density of 4 plants per linear metre and a plant depth of 15 - 22 cm. Aspalim has a very early initial production and a firm tip and is therefore very suitable for advancing measures.

Aspalim has very high production potential, excellent quality and a very good thickness. The tip of Aspalim is excellent, even under warm circumstances during harvesting. The variety has an excellent stem thickness, with little decay over the production years. Aspalim produces nice and smooth stems with a cylindrical shape.

The uniform foliage of Aspalim is raised and has an open structure. With the proper attention for Botrytis the foliage will remain green until well into autumn.